Learning to like Earmuffs

My little Sweet Pea has been asking for some earmuffs for a while. I don’t know where she got the idea. I honestly never had great luck with earmuffs staying on my head. I wasn’t really crazy about the ear muff idea.

We saw the cheap ones at the store. She of course wanted to try them on.  They were just like I remembered them, boring and hard to keep on your head. They were also way to big for her little girl ears.  They still seemed a little silly to me but Sweet Pea was very upset about my lack of interest in the earmuffs idea. 

My mom suggested that I could make Sweet Pea some. We looked on etsy and pinterest for ideas. I saw some pretty great ideas.  I really fell in love with this one I found. I even found some adorable bright multi-colored yarn that i just knew was meant to be Sweet Peas earmuffs. I knew that I could/should make some, but winter was almost over and I put the ear muff idea on the back burner.

Winter came back like it always does. I love winter. I get to make fun cozy hats and scarves.   I got pulled into the ponytail/bun hat that is trending right now.  They were so much fun.  I made a bunch after a lady at church commissioned some as Christmas presents. After making so many new hats I needed to rearrange my yarn and I needed something new to work on. While going though my yarn I found my yarn that I had found last winter. I still just knew it was meant to be the earmuffs that Sweet Pea wanted. So I looked back at pinterest and found several ideas on how I would begin. 

I decided to use a basic headband and some cardboard to make a former. I think you can buy pre-made earmuff forms. I should write out the pattern I made up but I don’t really have one right now.  I will have to work on that.  

So here is my first try at earmuffs

Sweet Pea only made them more adorable. 

After I made hers I had an idea to make them fit over the ears a little better. 

 I am mostly happy with the two that I have made so far. I like earmuffs more now. Thanks Sweet Pea for being persistent.  


Bun/ponytail Hat

These are my attempts at the trending bun hat. It is pretty great for when you want to wear a hat becuase it is cold but hot don’t want to have to wear your hair down.  I had a lady from church asked me to make a couple as Christmas presents. I have tried a few different styles. I started by making them from the the bottom up. 

I tried making the band first.  It took a little longer.  I think it turned out cute too. 

I also tried to make some from the top down.  They were basically the same.  My first one tip down ended up smaller. So Sweet Pea modeled. 

And one with a bill:

There are so many different ways to make these hats.  

I don’t often use patterns. I just looked at other hats and created a pattern in my head. Perhaps I will try to write it down, someday. 

When I see hats anywhere I find myself wondering if it would work as a ponytail hat. 

More snails… And a hermit crab

Here are some more snails I have been working on. I  made a rainbow scarf then I thought it might be neat to do a rainbow snail.



While I was working on the different snails I had an idea for a different shell. As I was working on it I realized that it wasn’t going to work for a snail the same way as the others. I thought about it and what things I could make with the shell that I had started. It kind of just came to me and after looking up crabs I saw a picture of a hermit crab and the rest is… 


Snakes and snails… No puppy dog tails


I remember playing with these stuffed snakes at my grandparents house.  I always loved them.  They were one of my favorite toys at their house.  I have thought about crocheting or sewing some snakes for my kids or my etsy store for years.  The other day I saw a stuffed snake on pinterest and I decided that I wanted to do it now.  What was I waiting for? The result was so adorable if I do say so.  Even my snake hating mother thought they were so cute.  😊 yay! 

You can buy the green snake here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/466482153/green-and-white-striped-snake


After making the first snake I thought about other ideas I had seen on pinterest that I had been putting off. I thought of the snails that I had pinned years ago.  So I made a green one because that is my favorite color.  My Sweet Pea loved it so much and she wanted one in her favorite color pink.  So I made a pink one for her and an orange one for my son. They quickly decided that I needed to make one for their daddy. 

If you so wish you can get your own snail here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/467847743/custom-snail

Puppy Dog Tails 

Well not yet…. 

A different kind of hat.



I found this pattern for a basket. I had to alter the pattern to make it look right. I made a basket and it was pretty cool. Then I was thinking about how much I liked the criss-cross weave. I thought that it would be cool to make a hat with that stitch. I added a brim and some buttons to hold it and now I have a fun new hat design. 🙂 The one my little Sweet Pea is modelling is a little big on her but I actually like the way it looks like a funky top hat or something.

They are for sale here:

Wigs for Halloween

I made Elsa and Anna wigs for my daughter and me to wear for Halloween. 



I tried a little different method then when I made the Rapunzel wig last year.


The wigs this year are much easier to wear and they stay on your head better. The  Rapunzel wig was very bulky and used a lot more yarn.