Bun/ponytail Hat

These are my attempts at the trending bun hat. It is pretty great for when you want to wear a hat becuase it is cold but hot don’t want to have to wear your hair down.  I had a lady from church asked me to make a couple as Christmas presents. I have tried a few different styles. I started by making them from the the bottom up. 

I tried making the band first.  It took a little longer.  I think it turned out cute too. 

I also tried to make some from the top down.  They were basically the same.  My first one tip down ended up smaller. So Sweet Pea modeled. 

And one with a bill:

There are so many different ways to make these hats.  

I don’t often use patterns. I just looked at other hats and created a pattern in my head. Perhaps I will try to write it down, someday. 

When I see hats anywhere I find myself wondering if it would work as a ponytail hat. 


One thought on “Bun/ponytail Hat

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