Snakes and snails… No puppy dog tails


I remember playing with these stuffed snakes at my grandparents house.  I always loved them.  They were one of my favorite toys at their house.  I have thought about crocheting or sewing some snakes for my kids or my etsy store for years.  The other day I saw a stuffed snake on pinterest and I decided that I wanted to do it now.  What was I waiting for? The result was so adorable if I do say so.  Even my snake hating mother thought they were so cute.  😊 yay! 

You can buy the green snake here:


After making the first snake I thought about other ideas I had seen on pinterest that I had been putting off. I thought of the snails that I had pinned years ago.  So I made a green one because that is my favorite color.  My Sweet Pea loved it so much and she wanted one in her favorite color pink.  So I made a pink one for her and an orange one for my son. They quickly decided that I needed to make one for their daddy. 

If you so wish you can get your own snail here:

Puppy Dog Tails 

Well not yet….